Hanuman Heros – Kids Muay Thai Program for kids 6-13

Have Fun, Get Fit and Learn Self Defense

Looking for an unrivaled children’s martial arts program? Your child will have fun and learn self-defense at the VAULT COMBAT ACADEMY Hanuman Heros Program. In addition to martial arts a significant degree is placed on the non-combative lessons of self discipline, confidence, respect , integrity, honesty, and focus at home and in school. Child safety is another important aspect to our program teaching your child risk avoidance, awareness of surroundings, bully prevention and stranger danger.

VAULT COMBAT ACADEMY would like to remind everyone that each year thousands of children in schools across our nation are picked on or bullied, which affects their confidence and ability to learn. This problem must be stopped. As all parents know, a good peer group is invaluable. Here at Vault Combat Academy we are committed to help your child feel safe and confident in this time where school yard assaults and bullies are common place.

Take action now! If you know a child that’s being bullied, get them involved in VAULT COMBAT ACADEMY Martial Arts program to build their confidence and develop their social skills. They’ll make friends and earn the respect of students and faculty, which will help keep the bullies away.