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About Instructors:

Phillip Gordon is a certified DETH KO SIN Muay Thai instructor under World Champion Boungnaphonh Makthepharaks , Kru Mark. Phillip studied under Kru Mark for over 15 years and has instructed and competed under his supervision for over a decade. Kru Mark’s style of Muay Thai has been passed down from father to son for five generations. His fighting system, called DETH KO SIN, draws from ancient Muay Boran,  a ancient hand to hand combat system developed for battle. These fighting styles were taught by monks to young men in order to protect their villages and temples and are now taught to soldiers of the Lao Army. Phillip teaches all of his students this exclusive fighting style.

Born in Aspen Colorado Phillip moved to Ocean Beach in 1990. After a successful career as an artist in the video game and software development business, in 2009 has dedicated himself full-time to teaching martial arts and fitness. Phillip has instructed at Knockout Fitness and Undisputed in Point Loma and currently is the founder/owner of Vault Combat Academy Muay Thai Fitness and Training in Ocean Beach. Phillip is concerned with offering valuable martial arts and fitness training to the community and encouraging a healthy fit lifestyle for all students. Knowledge is of equal emphasis in all our programs.